CFM Designs

About the Artist

Photo: Carol, 1995, at DiFalco Gallery, Chicago

As a woman and an artist
I am committed to discovering and expressing
my own truth in my life and in my art, and in so doing
make a difference in the lives of others.

I have been an artist my whole life. I often feel compelled to make art out of just about anything. It is especially satisfying to me to repurpose non-traditional materials and objects into personal adornment that is at once amusing and comfortable to wear.

Recently my involvement with beaded knitting segued into other kinds of beadwork. Not satisfied with commercially available findings, I learned to make simple clasps. Soon I was following my bliss in the direction of maille for jewelry, sometimes called “metal lace.” And back to beads, but this time on the jump rings. It seemed a natural progression for me to then incorporate a little hardware into the mix. I’m fond of hardware.

I hope that the care and delight that has gone into each piece’s creation brings to its recipient both visual and tactile enjoyment.

I used to say that I had tried every medium except welding. Is silver soldering a kind of welding? I’m gonna need a new punchline . . . .

Thanks for dropping by.