Tuley Park Chess Club
All the Chess for all of the people all of the time.

Tom retired from directing tournaments in the summer of 2007 due to declining health. We are referring players to Sheila Heiser of Renaissance Knights .

Tuley Park Chess Club was founded in the mid-seventies by Tom Fineberg, A.J. Miller, and Marvin Johnson. Tom is a retired Chicago Public School math teacher and chess coach, and Marvin is one of Tom's former students, now a teacher himself.

The club's purpose was to provide an opportunity for players of all ages to enjoy chess, particularly tournaments with fast time controls.

This was a labor of love for Tom, who continued to encourage and support urban players throughout the Chicago area decades after his retirement from teaching. In recent years he relied heavily on the assistance of his friend, Tom Larson, who was until recently the Board of Education Chess Coordinator.

Illinois Chess Association
US Chess Federation
Phone: 773-721-3979
Email: tafineberg@att.net
Tuley Park Field House
501 East 90th Place
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